Those wishing to participate in the conference are invited to submit short abstracts (between 200-400 words) for papers related to the general topics of the conference.

The abstract should clearly indicate the content and important contributions of the paper. Full papers will be peer-reviewed by Scientific Committee and will be considered for oral presentations and for publication in the conference proceedingns.

Abstracts must be submitted using UPV[C] Congress platform: http://ocs.editorial.upv.es/index.php/ASCCS/ASCCS2018

How to use OCS to submit your abstract

Step 1. Creating an account in OCS

Follow this link to see the ASCCS2018 OCS main page: http://ocs.editorial.upv.es/index.php/ASCCS/ASCCS2018

Create an account through the top menu link “REGISTRATION”

Complete the profile data and be sure to select Reader and Author roles.

Step 2. Submitting your abstract

Once you are logged into OCS, you will see the following screen in your “USER HOME” page:

Under the name of the conference (ASCCS2018) click on “Author” to access to the screen with your active submission list:

In the “Active submissions” page you will see the status of your submitted abstracts. You can start a new submission by cliking on “STEP ONE OF THE SUBMISSION PROCESS” 

The following information must be taken into account during the submitting process:

  • Conference track (topic) for your abstract must be selected.
  • The submitting checklist and copyright conditions must be accepted.

In the following screen Title and abstract must be written in the available TextBox (no attached documents are permitted during abstract submission).

NOTE: All authors must be added by clicking “Add Author”

After the submission, an acknowledgement email is sent automatically to the author. If you do not receive this email within few hours, please, contact us at asccs2018@upv.es to ensure that your paper has been properly uploaded.

You can also check the status of the paper in the “Active Submission” list.